Message from the Vice-President & CEO


Vice-President & CEO

Hudson International School.

After almost ten thousand years of agricultural civilisation, when we reached the doorstep of the industrial revolution, we realised the need of modern education. Unfortunately, the purpose for which our modern education system has been designed, even though after passing through several industrial revolutions, there is no change in the quality and the purpose of this so called system.

For this, along with the latest system of education for our students, we always focus on building enlightened human beings. In order to flourish our students as the enlightened ones for the future, we mainly concentrate on three aims and have designed our curriculum accordingly.

They are:

  1. To build our children as enlightened human beings by engraving the qualities of ethics, values and honesty into them.
  2. To shape up our children in such a way so that they can be responsible towards their family, society, state, nature, country and world.
  3. To nourish creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and technological expertise in our students so that when they enter into the job sectors they can fulfill the needs of the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

In order to implement the above mentioned aims, here at HIS, we try our heart and soul to provide the best quality of education and training. We aim to train up our teachers in such a way so that they can work as facilitators by thinking outside the conventional teaching methods. Whereby, we have included Project Based Learning in our curriculum. Apart from that, we have introduced a good number of extra-curricular and co-curricular clubs and related activities to develop the mental health of our students so that they can transform themselves into their best versions as far as possible.